Ronald V. Johnston

4455 Arch Street, San Diego, California,   92116



A career position as Managing Director, President, Division Manager of a growing company.



·     Multi-year experience, with successful results as a professional manager, motivator, and Mentor.

·     Ability to separate and define priorities and tasks for myself and others.

·     Goal-oriented individual with strong leadership abilities and people skills.

·     Organized, highly motivated, and results-focused problem solver.

·     Team leader who is also a team player, and who earns the respect of others, whether they be peers,

     subordinates, or a board of directors.



M.A., Business Management, Kensington University

B.A., Business Management, Kensington University

A.A.,  History/English, Pasadena City College

Certification:, New York Institute of Finance


Relevant Experience & Accomplishments


Program Development and Management

·     Successfully established new sales organization to market financial and insurance products to bank customer

    base, while bringing in new customers and relationship opportunities for the bank. Resultant program produces sales of

    over $1 billion per year in premiums.

·     Built and managed a national sales force that markets insurance products to the retail sector, resulting

     in overall sales in-excess-of $15,000,000 per year, from “ground zero”, in two years.

·     Directed and managed community projects, disparate committees and groups wherein we substantially

     improved the business district in the “Uptown” area of San Diego.

·     Secured grants and funding for three major community projects and led a multi-year task force involved

     in historic preservation and adaptive reuse of historic structures. Was the recipient of the “People in

     Preservation” Award from SOHO, and received special commendations from the City of San Diego.

·     Successfully built and turned around money-losing investment banking and stock brokerage offices and firms.

·     Portrayed numerous roles for infomercials and Television commercials for the sale of: Insurance products,

    Auto’s, Home improvement products, and Financial Services.

·     Provide Compliance counsel and mentoring to numerous investment professionals and have served as an

    arbitrator, Expert Witness, and counselor in numerous securities-related legal matters.

·     Created and implemented operating procedures and compliance guidelines for regulated sales personnel and  securities  firms.

·     Raised capital for corporations, as an investment banker, as well as raised capital for both partisan as well as non-partisan political issues and candidates. Past nominee for California State Assembly.



·     Have recruited and developed sales forces totaling over three hundred persons, nationally.

·     Recruited and directed sales, staff and operations functions of firms and branch offices, as well as

     interviewed and recruited personnel to fill a variety of staff and line positions.

·     Achieved harmony, cooperation and results in community, civic, and work-place situations..

·     Inspire loyalty and integrity in those with whom I work

˚   Identified goals and benchmarks for my team and created plans and methods for attaining them,

     while instilling the desire to do so in others.

·     I am a member of the United States Bureau of Land Management’s California Desert Advisory commission as well as Chair

     of the University Heights Library Task Force. (This is coupled with a historic rehabilitation and adaptive reuse project for a

     Historic Site.

*   Recipient, as UHLTF Chair, of the SOHO People in Preservation award, 2006.


Employment History

Aside from a brief stint as a candidate for State office in California, I have spent three decades in management in the Financial services and Insurance/Annuity Industry. The names of the firms have, due to mergers and acquisitions, ceased to exist. I am licensed with the NASD: Ser. 7.63, 65, 4, 24, and 53, as well as NYSE Ser. 8. My background is spotless.